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In summer 2019, the Financial Conduct Authority and the banking industry will be enforcing a deadline that would mean that all activity on PPI claims would be stopped.

However, this means that consumers are left venerable once the deadline comes to pass.

Data Access Request

This may not be entirely necessary for all claimants. For consumers with a PPI policy over six years old, it would be wise to pay for a Data Access Request.

While some companies like PPI Refund have special arrangements with the banks that allow you to bypass the £10 service they offer, but it would still be wise to utilise a claims manager to ensure all your documentation is retrieved.

The Financial Ombudsman Service is Here for You

Banks are still rejecting too many legitimate claims from consumers according to research from the FOS. There is a strong probability that your own complaint will get rejected, which means that it’s time to enlist the help of the FOS.

Use a PPI Claims Management Company

For consumer’s who may not have time to reclaim what is owed to them, it would be wise to utilise the services of a claims management company.

PPI Refund can offer their services under a ‘no win no fee’ policy, which means that if the refunds are not returned in full, you do not need to pay us, meaning no waste of time or money.

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