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RBS PPI Claims

We’ve been hearing about it for what seems like forever, it’s been in the public eye for years in the form of advertisements and all kinds of news. Whether it be on the television or radio, by text message or phone call it seems like we’re constantly reminded of the PPI scandal.

The mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance quickly became the biggest scandal to ever befoul the UK banking sector and we’ll be assessing the attributes that could mean someone may be mis-sold and how exactly they could go about claiming back.


Source: FT Graphic

5 biggest banks in the UK have set aside a further £32.6 billion to deal with the total compensation bill.
So, What Exactly is Payment Protection Insurance?

To make sense of how Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) became such a big controversy it’s important to study the background. Payment Protection Insurance covered repayments on finance products like loans, mortgages and credit cards if the policy holder was not able to meet their financial obligations.

There are several reasons that a person couldn’t pay back their monthly premiums:

  • Redundancy
  • Sickness
  • Injury
Who Are RBS?

These days RBS and the subsidiary brands are made up of hundreds of past banks. They were all different – large and small, city and country, traditional and innovative – and grew to serve the banking needs of all sorts of different communities.

The Royal Bank of Scotland was founded in Edinburgh in 1727. It went on to become one of the biggest banks in Scotland.

Several of the brands are actually older than the bank itself, having been established by the London goldsmiths who were Britain’s first bankers. These are:

  • Child & Co, the oldest name still trading in British banking, dating back to the 1640s.
  • Coutts, the most famous private bank of all, establish in the 1692
  • Drummonds, founded in the 1700s.

Natwest is a much more familiar name, growing through 300 years of history and with more than 200 separate businesses, which were established in towns and cities all over the country. The specialist sectors have rich histories also:

  • Lombard traces its origins to a railway wagon leasing company established in the mid-1860’s.
  • Holt’s started as an army pay agency in the early 1800’s.

Ulster Bank is another of their best known brands and was established in Belfast in 1836, as a bank run by and for the benefit of Ulster people, before spreading rapidly through Ireland.

Isle of Man Bank was the first company to be formed under the Isle of Man’s Companies Act of 1865. It has remained there ever since.

How Did Payment Protection Insurance Go Public?

The problem of PPI was first raised in the late nineties by consumer magazine Which? – who questioned the product in both expense and exclusions in terms and conditions.

Despite these very public concerns being aired in 1998, PPI policies were still being widely mis-sold all over the country. It took until 2005 before the FSA released a report on PPI and the way it was being sold to customers. The FSA had discovered these underhand techniques by using mystery shoppers applying for finance.

By the Autumn of 2006, small finance companies were being stung with fines and enforcement procedures by the FSA for mis-selling. By 2007, the major companies who thought themselves immune were seeing their PPI empire start to crumble under major pressure.

This included a £2.8 million fine for RBS for poor complaints handling. The FSA claimed that there was an ‘unacceptably high risk’ customers may not have been treated fairly. Problems included delays in responding to customers, poor research, and failing to address concerns in replies and not informing consumers of their right to take their issues to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

The FOS finally got involved in the scandal in 2008, and ordered the FSA to properly review how firms were handling PPI complaints.

Competition Commission (a non-departmental public body who investigated industry issues related to competition law) recommended, and eventually ruled in 2010 that PPI should not be sold at the point of sale for credit cards, loans, and other finances. This came alongside much objection from the banks, who protested that the new measures imposed on their standards.

How Did RBS Mis-Sell to Their Customers?

RBS were one of countless lenders who were forced to set aside large amounts of money to compensate the customers who had been mis-sold the insurance.

PPI policies were mis-sold in a variety of different ways. Policies were so widely mis-sold as advisers were often offered commission on the amount of PPI policies that they sold, and the lenders made a lot of money from customers who were not actually able to claim on this insurance

Adding On – In many cases, the PPI was added on without the customer’s knowledge and they were unaware they’d be paying for a policy with the monthly premiums being hidden away within the monthly charge.

The Tough Stance – One sales technique some advisers employed, was using scare tactics to pressure some customers into agreeing to paying extra for the insurance.  For example, sales advisers could remind customers of and go over the scenarios in which they would need PPI, such as “You are a self-employed hairdresser and you might not be able to work or keep up with your payments”.

Selling to Customers Who Would Not Be Covered – Some salesmen, prompted by the banking bosses, were using morally underhand sales techniques in order to sell the PPI. The policies were sold to people who would not have actually been covered and able to claim on the policy should they have tried due to their employment status, such as people who were self-employed, retired or unemployed.

PPI Is Optional – If it was not clarified by the salesmen that PPI was optional, then this could mean that you were mis-sold. Many RBS customers only agreed to the policy because they were under the impression that this would help or guarantee them a line of finance. After 2010, PPI was sold to customers very differently and banks were meticulous with how they explained the terms and conditions of the policy to avoid heavy disciplinary action.

What Happened When the PPI Scandal Came to Prominence?

When the mis-selling of PPI policies hit the news and became a huge talking point, RBS customers were contacted with letters informing them that they may well have fallen victim to the PPI scandal and could be due a refund.

People were then free to contact RBS directly and send details of their circumstances at the time of the sale, and any paperwork which could substantiate the claims.

RBS provided customers with the PPI forms to fill in to ensure that making a claim was as straightforward as possible for the customer, and so that the bank had all of the relevant information needed to assess if the customer was eligible to make a claim rather than having to ask the customer for more information or evidence further down the line, which would slow the process down.

The bank then had 10 days to get back to the customer to confirm that their information had been received and they were allowed up to 12 weeks to finalise a claim and make the repayments to the customer.

‘I’ve Been Mis-Sold! How Can I Make a Claim Against RBS?’

The difference between a successful and unsuccessful claim is in the details. You will need to provide as much information as possible so RBS can properly investigate the claim. According to RBS the following information is a necessity when processing the claim:

  • Any PPI account policy numbers.
  • Details of the key dates of the policy.
  • Information about how the policy was sold.
  • Employment status at the time the policy was sold.
  • Details of any savings or other insurances you had when you took out the policy.
  • What you took out the finance for and the amount you paid off.

If you believe your RBS PPI claim was wrongly rejected, then don’t give up. You can contact the Financial Ombudsman who will independently assess your claim and decide if your case is worth continuing.

If you don’t have all the information available, then don’t fret; there are other options available to you.

PPI Map Statistics
UK mis-sold PPI scandal statistics £10 Billion

In payouts alone in the UK.

By 2008, 20 million PPI policies existed in the UK that’s nearly 1 in 3 of the 2008 UK population

RBS PPI Percentages
Starting a Claim with PPI Refund

Recent research suggests that over 50% of claims made by inexperienced customers are rejected because of a lack of information.

PPI Refund has been around for a long time now and we have accrued a wealth of experience that enables us to be successful with even the most difficult of claims. We’ve learnt a substantial amount about the industry over the years and this means that being able to draw similarities to other cases can sometimes be the key to getting back what is owed to you in good time.

Now, all that’s necessary is your name and the address you were residing at when the policy was taken out. This information will be put forward by us and allow the banks to run searches across their databases and find any PPI that could have been sold to you.

This type of agreement is relatively new and is only available to the most experienced companies such as PPI Refund.

Why is it Important to Get a Move On?

‘The Financial Conduct Authority has introduced a ‘PPI claim by’ deadline of 29th August 2019.The big five banks have paid out £24bn in compensation so far and have set aside a further £32.6bn to deal with the estimated claims that will come forward during that time. Don’t delay start a free PPI check today!’

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