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Banks Can't Wait For The PPI Deadline

The issue of mis-sold PPI is now several years old. When the policy was introduced, it was perceived as a very helpful tool of securing the buyer’s financial future. It would cover them in the cases of them losing their jobs, meeting an accident, encountering a sudden illness or any unforeseen circumstance, which would cause… Read more »

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Since the PPI scandal was unfolded, thousands of mis-sold buyers have been approaching the lenders to get back their refunds on time. However, majority of the lenders have not been able to handle this overload of complaints, which results in a delay or rejection of claims. Following this, all the rejected customers approach the Financial… Read more »

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Lloyds banking Group have disclosed their total charges for misconduct in the previous year and they amounted to be a whopping £2 billion. Half of this amount is being set aside for the purpose of paying off for the mis-sold buyers’ PPI refund compensation. When they made a declaration about their annual pre-tax profits, Lloyds,… Read more »