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Soon after the PPI scandal was exposed, customers started claiming for the amount they were entitled to for being mis-sold a PPI policy. The number of claims kept increasing as more and more customers started discovering the fact that they were mis-sold worthless PPI cover.   Once The Mis-selling Issue Was Discovered  As people started realising… Read more »

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| Banks, Claiming PPI Compensation, Claims Management Companies, PPI Refund, PPI Scandal

Because PPI was mis-sold by the UK’s most trusted financial institutions, millions of people were affected as they lost billions of pounds. The impact of this financial disaster is so far-reaching that its effects are still being felt today as more and more mis-sold customers are filing for refund.  The PPI scandal has affected the… Read more »

| Banks, PPI, PPI Refund, PPI Scandal, Royal Bank of Scotland PPI Claim

As soon as the PPI scandal unfolded, it wasn’t difficult for the culprits to be discovered. According to the victims, majority of the PPI offenders were the banks and card companies that were trusted the most by their customers and clients. After this revelation, the amount of complaints increased at an alarming rate, which put… Read more »