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In 2014, the BBC curated a report that stated that 2.5 million people that completed Payment Protection Insurance claims were to have their them re-examined. The reason for this is that claimants were short changed or had legitimate claims rejected. One of the biggest questions in this industry is whether or not these claims would have gone in this direction if they’d been handled by a Claims Management Company.

When a company like PPI Refund take over a claim, there is a significantly higher chance that we will be successful. An experienced company know all the tricks and underhand techniques that the banks try to con people with.

PPI Refund Has Vast Knowledge & Experience

Any good PPI claims company worth its salt has handled thousands of claims, even hundreds of thousands in some cases. As with anything if you continue to repeat something often enough, then you learn to do it very well.

If you are seeking direct redress off your own back and decide to handle your own PPI claim, then the chances are it will be the first and last time you’re likely to claim. The PPI Refund claims team has handled all kinds of difficult claims and are fully aware if something is amiss.

You’d be amazed at how often we receive incorrect offers from the banks and lenders – if you were going alone, would you know if you offered an incorrect refund?

We are able to confirm the amount you’re due to receive by checking thoroughly through your paper work, and challenging the banks errors.

Forgotten Account Numbers

When the PPI scandal first came to light, each individual claim that was submitted needed to contain a relevant account number on the claim form, otherwise it would’ve been completely dismissed without question.

If you were unable to find out your account number in those days, there wasn’t much that could be done. These days however, after agreeing something called a Subject Access Request, we’re able to process a claim without a claim number – in fact all you do need is your name and address at the time you took out the finance.


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