If you believe you have been mis-sold a policy on your loan, mortgage or credit card, the first thing to do is to refer to your paper work and statements and these should outline if you’ve been paying towards a PPI policy.

The banks and lenders are well aware that they must uphold all valid claims put forward by mis-sold customers, however many of the lenders and banks have been rejecting valid claims in order to avoid the inevitable of having to add to the billions paid out so far.

If one of the following circumstances apply to you then you should be entitled to a refund:

  • Were you told that PPI was compulsory?
  • Did you feel pressured by aggressive sales techniques?
  • Were you told how to cancel?
  • Have you found that you are paying for PPI cover that you didn’t realise you had?

If you’re still unsure then don’t hesitate to visit our processes page to begin your no-win-no-fee check, to begin the first stage of your refund.