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There were millions of buyers that were affected by the large-scale PPI scandal. All the major financial institutions and banks were involved in this scam. Amongst all these, Barclays was a major fish caught in the infamous PPI scandal.

If you were mis-sold PPI through Barclaycard, you do not need to worry much. You can claim your refund along with some added interest, provided you follow a set procedure which is quick and fair. The process can get a bit complex and it may take a longer time due to verification of documents and pending complaints,but you should be able to get your deserved compensation from Barclays. The bank functions fully according to the Financial Conduct Authority and follows all their guidelines.

Firstly, you need to check if you had a PPI policy that was sold to you. You need to produce proof that shows you were sold the policy without being fully informed about it or under false pretences. You can also go to the bank’s site and check if you were sold PPI along with various other loans. One of the quickest ways of making a claim and sending the complaint to the bank is through filling out an online form and sending the same to the bank. The PPI form doesn’t take more than half an hour to complete. However, you need to know that you can’t save your progress while filling the form, so you need to fill it in a single go. You can also make a complaint by calling the bank on their official number and talking to the concerned executive about your policy. You will have to disclose the details of your property so that they can confirm if you were really mis-sold PPI. The telephone lines are usually open 24/7. You also have an option to send your complaints via post. All you have to do is download an online from and take a print out of the same. Then you are required to fill out the form, attach the required documents and send them to the closest branch of the bank.

Finally, you will get a response from the bank regarding your issue. If your problem is validated, the bank will inform you the process in which they will transfer your money back to you. However, if the bank feels that your claim is invalid, you will not be given any compensation. In such cases, you need to cross check all the documents you sent to the bank. If you still feel you have not been treated fairly, you can approach a reputed claims management company to fight on your behalf or you may directly approach the Ombudsman.

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