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Our PPI Free Check is precisely what it says on the tin. Basically we contact the lender on your behalf and assess the likelihood of being mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance.

It’s basically just that simple. All we need to begin a free check is the name of the company that you borrowed from.

The lender then has 40 days to send us all the information they have on your policies, and then once we have this we will then be able to sort through the paperwork and get back to you within 50 days.

Obviously, it’s important that you have a valid reason for a claim, it would be pointless to do so, without a real reason.

PPI Check Process:

  • If we believe we have a genuine chance of helping you claim back what is rightfully owed to you then we’ll send out a free claims pack.
  • If you are happy with all of the terms and conditions, you’ll need to then send the completed pack back to us to process.
  • Upon receiving the pack, we will assess it for errors and then contact the lender and run a PPI check with them.
  • Once we have received the results of your PPI check from the bank or lender, we will then make contact and then assess the results and any potential further options.
  • Where PPI is found we can then discuss this with you, and decide if you’d like to proceed with your claim on your own or through PPI Refund.
  • If the lender or bank freely admits to PPI mis-selling and offers a refund, we would contact you to ensure you’re happy with the offer.
  • If you are happy with an offer made then our service fees would be due and we would invoice you.

We don’t charge for the Free PPI Check – we charge only when the claim is successful and you have received what is rightfully owed to you.

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