Certain banks were targeted to achieve a certain amount of sales in branch. These were earnt by selling mortgages, packaged accounts, credit cards, and Payment Protection Insurance.

Quarterly bonuses were dependent on how much was sold branch to branch. Customer advisors were targeted to sell as many as 10 loans per week, with 80% of these needing to have a PPI policy attached.

Advisors were trained in disturbance techniques, which meant making the customer feel uncomfortable anxious about their ability to repay their loan in the case of an accident or sickness.

If a customer refused to take out a PPI policy, the advisors would then have to outline why a customer refused and what techniques had been employed by the advisor.

If every two weeks an advisor’s PPI sales were less than 70%, then the advisor would be forced to explain why it was so low.

It’s easy to see how mis-selling spiralled out of control, with advisors under pressure and big money available to them in the form of commission.

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