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The biggest challenge many people face when trying to claim for PPI refund is- not having the necessary documents/paperwork or have forgotten their account numbers. The process of getting your money back was difficult not to mention tedious when you did not have your account numbers or you did not remember it. However, this has now changed as with the help of claim management companies. It is considerably simpler to claim for PPI refund without paperwork or without having your account number.

What will you need to make a PPI claim without paperwork?

Essentially, there are two ways to make a claim without paperwork or account numbers. The first way is very simple and only requires your full name and previous address history. This information clubbed with the name of the bank that you think you have or had PPI with, gets the claiming process started.

Once you provide the PPI claim company with your full name, your previous address and the name of the bank you believe you have or had PPI with, they run this information through their entire database. This gives them a detailed information about your loans, mortgages, credit card or any other type of credit agreement you may ever had with them. It will also show which of those agreements had PPI attached to it.

In addition to searching their own entire database for collecting your detailed credit information, some of the companies even go through the databases of all the other sister companies that fall under the same umbrella.

The second way is to claim for PPI refund by yourself. But it is not as simple as the previous way. In this process you have to conduct a credit check on yourself. There are various services that help you conduct a credit check. It is sort of a longer procedure to go through but there is no other option if you do not want PPI claim companies to handle your claim.

Who is Eligible?

Any person who thinks they have PPI and further thinks that they were mis-sold the policy are eligible to use our PPI check service. Anyone who wants to claim for PPI on their own without the help of PPI claim companies would still need to provide an account number for every policy they want to claim on. The agreement where CMCs (Claim Management Companies) claim PPI without an account number is not available to individuals who claim for PPI by themselves.

Companies that provide this Service

Not all claim companies provide the service of claiming for a PPI refund without paperwork or an account number. But there are definitely some claim management companies online that provide this service.


If you wish to claim for PPI refund without having relevant paperwork or account number you can utilise the agreement that some PPI claim companies have with most of the banks. It requires you to provide your full name and previous address with the name of the bank you think you have or had the PPI policy with.

This agreement is not valid to the individuals that wish to claim for PPI refund by themselves. But if at all they want to, the best option is to run a credit check on yourself. Once you have the information, you can contact each bank or lender to ask for copies of relevant paperwork. Once you receive your copies of paperwork, you can check for yourself if you hold PPI policies under your name. If yes, then you proceed further to make your claim



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