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Were You Mis-Sold PPI?

A call to the bank asking if you’re one of the many mis-sold consumers would generally confirm it.
Another way is to think about whether the bank representative handling their insurance or finance application told them that PPI wasn’t optional and they would need it to take out a line of credit.

To prove either of these things, you’ll need paperwork – without it it’d be very difficult to prove your claims.

There is a Way to Claim Without Paperwork…

A great deal of customers would not be able to make a claim because of lost paperwork from loans, mortgages etc. that could be years old.

However, there could be light at the end of the tunnel for those who don’t have access to paperwork – a data access request. This basically means consumers are allowed to request information that dates back to 2010.

Loans, credit cards and other finance related product like mortgages made from 2010 still have their information stored away. But any potential mis-sold party must pay an additional fee per request.

Some claims management companies like us at PPI Refund have agreed deals with the banks that allow us to utilise a data access request to see if a customer could put forth a formal complaint to their lender.

Only select companies are able to use a data access request, so if you need help with your PPI claim start our free PPI check now, before it’s too late.


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