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National Westminster Bank is commonly known as NatWest and is a large retail and commercial bank in the United Kingdom. It is one of the largest banks in the world and is a part of The Royal Bank of Scotland group.

PPI claims of NatWest

UK is suffering from the biggest bank scandal over the last decade. All the media and news channels were receiving texts and calls from the people who have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. This scam was one of the biggest to ever hit UK’s financial sector.

NatWest experienced 70% of rise in the complaints because of mis-selling of PPI policies. Paid figure consists of £300 million, which were used to settle administration costs while the rest was paid to customers.

PPI was an optional insurance policy that was designed to cover the re-payment of debts, loans, mortgages, and other finance if the policy holder was unable to do so.

How to make a claim?

If you want to claim for PPI refundwhich is rightfully owed to you, you will need to be prepared to produce a lump of evidences with respect to the policy in question.

According to NatWest, you will have to produce the following details to the lender, when making a claim for PPI refund:-

  1. All the PPI account policy numbers
  2. All the important details of the policy.
  3. All the information confirming that a PPI policy was mis-sold.
  4. Your employment status when you were mis-sold the policy.
  5. All the details of your savings and your insurances when you bought the policy.
  6. What you took out your money for and the amount you paid off.


If after sending your claim with all the relevant information along with clear evidences you receive rejection, instead of giving up you should contact the FOS and fight for yourself or approach an establish claim management company to fight on your behalf.

According to the recent figures about 50% of claims were rejected  due to lack of sufficient documents. If you feel your case is getting more complicated, you can approach a claims company to help you out in making your claims and getting compensation.

Claims management companies have a reputation of helping their customers with knowledgeable services that help them retrieve what is rightfully theirs.

PPI cases are usually same and some of them are really difficult to tackle, and in such situations a CMC can be of great help.

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