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The magnitude of the PPI mis-selling scandal is rather hard to put into the words, however the statistics speak volumes: nearly 45 million PPI policies were sold in the 20 years between 1990 and 2010. These policies were worth over £40 billion to the banks and lenders.

The £40 billion plus figure that the banks and lenders earned from PPI sales is actually the equivalent to every man, woman and child in the UK parting with £687.

This brings such a huge sum into perspective, and you can see why the banks and lenders fought so hard with as many tactics as possible to sell PPI policies. More often than not selling a PPI policy to a customer was in no way beneficial for the customer or their financial product.

So if you’re sitting wondering, ‘Have I got a PPI claim?’, then it’s time to contact PPI Refund.

With a proposed PPI claims deadline coming up there may not be much longer to claim back what is rightfully owed to you.

How Do I know If I’ve Been Mis-Sold?

There are several key indicators that you can use to figure out if you’ve been mis-sold a Payment Protection Insurance, there’s no point in making a PPI claim if you don’t have a realistic claim.

If any of the following things applies to your particular situation, then you could have a valid claim to a refund:

  • Were you pressured by underhand sales techniques?
  • Were you told that PPI was essential in order to take out a line of credit?
  • Were you under 18 or over 65 when the policy was sold?
  • Were you unaware that you were even sold a policy?

If any of these apply to you then contact us and begin the process of a free PPI check.



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