Payment Protection is the biggest banking scandal in UK banking history, millions and millions have been mis-sold policies that were completely irrelevant to their circumstances.

So, how can you file a claim a claim back what is rightfully owed to you?

If you’ve had a mortgage, loan, or credit card in the last decade or more, then you could be entitled to compensation.

If you’ve got proof of a PPI policy and you believe you were mis-sold, in most circumstances claiming back shouldn’t hard at all.

Putting a claim to us means that we can deal with everything on your behalf – dealing with the banks, paperwork and if necessary the Ombudsman Service.

So long as you have all your relevant paper work and the reasons you feel you were mis-sold then claiming back shouldn’t be a problem – there are some cases stretching back 20-plus years and people have still managed to claim what they’re owed.

Contact us at PPI refund to begin a free no-win-no-fee claims checker.