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It would be good for claims management companies and similar industries to create a sort of PPI claims inquiry application or tool, similar to what the banks use.

The tool would be able to cross-reference previously recognised PPI information for various banks.

Unfortunately, claims management companies don’t have the appropriate arrangements with most banks to allow for the creation of such software. But if it could become a reality, it could be the solution to consumer groups campaigning against the PPI deadline.

The database could hold all the PPI policies in the UK and a user could simply search for their information and have an instant reply on whether they have PPI and whether it was mis-sold.

There are of course several security issues that would need to be ironed out before such a system could be created. Customers inputting bank accounts and records into unsecure servers could cause trouble if such information could get into the wrong hands.

It may also help the old and sick get back their PPI refunds quicker than having someone do it for them and filing all their paperwork in place. It is also a better alternative to the FCA’s planned advertising campaign.

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