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Like almost all the financial institutions, RBS make it very straightforward to make a PPI claim against them.

They have set aside an large amount of money in order to settle the amount of PPI claims, and if you have a valid PPI complaint against RBS, you should receive a full refund from them after following a few simple steps.

So if you were mis-sold PPI from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) then here’s how to claim against them:

Using PPI Refund to Make a Claim

Claims management companies like PPI Refund can help make your RBS PPI claim easy and stress free. Saving yourself from the legwork of claiming yourself can prove to be a very smart move.

PPI Refund will require specific details about you and your claim. Claims companies like us take time to get you know you whilst obtaining as much information as possible so your claim is will be resolved either way.

RBS PPI Claim Form

You will need a claims form if you are making a PPI claim against RBS. This is their standard form and it makes it much simpler to complete a PPI claim.  RBS make it simple to file a PPI claim, and a massive part of the process is that the customer makes it as easy as possible for the bank to assess your basic information.

The claims form should be your first port of call when attempting a PPI claim rather than writing a random letter that may or may not include all of the information they need.

Like many of the other leading banks in the PPI scandal- RBS use this standard form, so that in the majority of cases you will only need to send information to them once and this should save them from having to write back to you for more details about your complaint.

Once completed this information will form the basis of your claim and this is why you should fill it in as accurately as possible, so remember to take your time!

RBS should contact you within a week to acknowledge your form and they will provide an estimate of when you should hear back from them with a decision. Depending on your individual circumstances, RBS might request additional information from you, to enable them to fully assess your PPI claim.

After this, in theory you will just need to sit back and wait and see if your PPI complaint is valid. You should receive your final decision within 8 weeks and if they offer you a refund and you accept it, you should receive your refund within 28 days.

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