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By June 2019, the Financial Conduct Authority will be instructing banks to shut down their PPI claim operations and any late PPI claims after the June deadline will be immediately rejected. However, critics are still against the deadline coming to an end as they believe it favours the banks.

Consumers must be sure to make a claim unless they are willing to wait in a queue. Waiting times for the Ombudsman are expected as the year 2018 comes to a close and 2019 begins. It does sound like a long time but as people become more aware of the deadline they will begin to lodge their complaints and there could well be a backlog.

Be sure you have every receipt of every PPI repayment and billing statement the bank has issued to you. You could also request something called a Data Access Request at a cost of just £10. This is helpful for PPI policies repaid for more than six years as it overrides the bank rule that it keeps records of over six years.

Evidence that shows you were ineligible for PPI include your pensions receipts, a birth certificate, a self-employment/business certificate or a medical certificate in case of already-existing medical conditions.

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