Are PPI Victims Being Under Compensated?

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Despite the ongoing scandal of PPI recently, a more serious issue came into light when it was found that victims have been under-compensated for the PPI policies that were mis-sold to them. Studies have shown that PPI victims have been under compensated by approximately £1 billion. Initially, customers were offered PPI policies along with credit cards,… Read more »

Why Millions of PPI Complaints Are Going To Be Reopened

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You must have heard a lot about payment protection insurance or PPI. You may have also heard a lot of people talking about it especially the ones working in the financial and legal industry mentioning terms such as mis-sold PPI policies, PPI claims etc. In the last decade, several financial institutions such as banks and… Read more »

Can You Claim PPI Compensation for a Deceased Relative or Friend?

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Considering that PPI is one of the biggest mis-selling financial scandals ever to take place in the UK, it would be next to impossible that you haven’t heard about it. Also, if you, your friend or a family member has taken out a loan, mortgage or credit card since the early nineties, the chances are… Read more »