Finance Companies trigger 3 Million Complaints in 6 months-The Top Gripes Revealed

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Finance companies have triggered around three million PPI complaints in the second half of the last year, which is equivalent to 16,700 gripes each day. Also, figures from the Financial Conduct Authority-the city watchdog- showed that Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) has generated one of the largest numbers of complaints, which are nearly around 900,000. Banks… Read more »

How Can The Ombudsman Help In The Case Of Inefficient PPI Claim Handling?

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There have been several cases of PPI being mis-sold to the customers. However, customers started claiming back their money as soon as they realised that they have been cheated. Usually, the first party they approach is the lender of the policy or the financial institution. They explain their case to them and expect a solution… Read more »