Prodial Limited Fined an Ice-Cold £350,000 for Making 45 Million Cold Calls

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According to a report by the Information Commissioner’s Office, Prodial Limited, a claims company, has reportedly generated mammoth revenue. This has amounted to £1 billion by making unnecessary and excessive cold calls to the public.   The Emergence of Claim Management Companies After the PPI Scandal Came to Light Cold calling related to PPI started… Read more »

Financial Ombudsman’s 10 most complained about banks and firms- Guess which two stand out the most

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ppi bank complaints

A tremendous increase in the number of cases has been witnessed in the recent years by ombudsman in relation to mis-sold PPI policies. An increase of 13% has been experienced in the past few years. Approximately, two thirds of the complaints were accounted for ten firms in the first six months of this year. Statistics… Read more »

Britain Is Using Arnold’s Terminator Head to Solve PPI Mis-Selling Cases

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PPI Arnold

For some an ad about PPI can be a source of annoyance, especially if they have been subject to numerous cold calls about it from both legitimate as well as fake claim agencies. That is why the Financial Conduct Authority came up with a unique and appealing way of spreading awareness about the financial product… Read more »

Banks payouts nudge £30bn as FCA prepares £42m advertising to encourage more claims

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According to FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), ‘there has been an increase in payouts since the month of May.’ The cumulative amount was approximately around £260m. This amount is believed to be the highest amount paid so far to the customers. As a matter of fact, there are more claims that are likely to be filed… Read more »