50% of Consumers Find it Easier to Use Claim Firms for Mis-sold PPI

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PPI Claim Firms Support

Individuals making claims for mis-sold PPI are generally counselled not to seek assistance of Claims Management Company (CMC) and rather do it all by themselves. But, as it turns out most of the plaintiffs ignore that advice and allow claims company to carry out the entire process for them.   As per the latest research… Read more »

Finance Companies trigger 3 Million Complaints in 6 months-The Top Gripes Revealed

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Finance companies have triggered around three million PPI complaints in the second half of the last year, which is equivalent to 16,700 gripes each day. Also, figures from the Financial Conduct Authority-the city watchdog- showed that Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) has generated one of the largest numbers of complaints, which are nearly around 900,000. Banks… Read more »

Why Millions of PPI Complaints Are Going To Be Reopened

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You must have heard a lot about payment protection insurance or PPI. You may have also heard a lot of people talking about it especially the ones working in the financial and legal industry mentioning terms such as mis-sold PPI policies, PPI claims etc. In the last decade, several financial institutions such as banks and… Read more »