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Put simply, yes. The process however can vary in terms of how easy that could be. It is largely down to who is handling the claim, if you trust your claim to PPI Refund then you will find the process extremely simple.

The reason we’re able to do this with ease is because we have arranged a Subject Access Request with the banks and lenders which means that we are able to process a PPI claim with the need for paperwork and account numbers.

The agreements vary from bank to bank, but they all work in a very similar way. All we need from you to get a PPI claim started is:

  • Your full name.
  • The address that you were residing at before you took out finance. We’ll need to submit that information to the banks. They will then be able to input this into their systems and narrow down any finance agreement you may have had.

Many of the lenders also have access to databases from sister companies as well. These type of agreements not only make things easy but they also help make the whole claims process quicker and more efficient.

Some banks, require one account number as well as your address and name when you took out the finance. However, this could be any account number, such as a current account. The bank will then use that number to check their databases for all other financial agreements that you may have had with them.

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