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For everyone wondering how the UK’s exit from the EU will affect the PPI claiming system- do not fear. You can still claim PPI after Brexit but it is important to do so fast and this is a very good idea because of the debated deadline.

What is the PPI deadline?

Since the recently announced deadline for new PPI claims, if you have claims outstanding then you will need to make them very soon- preferably within the next three years (now advised before June 2019)

Haven’t started your claim yet?

If you still want to claim but are worried because you haven’t made any movements yet then it is not Brexit you should be conscious of, it is in fact the PPI deadline that was announced by the FCA. So long as you make your claim before the end of May 2019 then you should be fine but it’s important to not leave your claim too late. We would advise no later than autumn 2018 as there is always a chance that your claim could take a while to process. So to avoid any confusion and frustration on either end of the claim. It is advisable to make your PPI claim as early as possible and using PPI Refund can speed the process along.

Post Brexit: How PPI Refund can help you claim?

The answer to this is very straightforward: Submit your claim to PPI Refund and we will set up an agreement with you to go ahead and attain your claim on your behalf. From then on you will metaphorically hand the claim over to us and we will deal with it 100%.

We will take the responsibility for the management and processing of your claim, so all that would be required of you is to provide any missing information we may need to help the claim process run as smoothly as possible and also it makes our lives easier.

If you submit your claim to PPI refund, we will prepare, and pursue and complete your claim as early as possible achieving the utmost best result for you.

Many people find it extremely appealing to work alongside us here at PPI refund. We believe that by providing our customers with peace of mind, the whole claim process will be a lot easier and you should get what is rightfully yours as soon as possible.


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