This form is will start your Free Check. We will use the information you supply us to contact your lender and find out if you were sold PPI on any credit cards or loans that you may have held with them.
There are fees associated with retrieving your details but do not worry because we will pay for those. If you don’t have PPI, or do not wish to use our services after we have found PPI, there will be nothing to pay.

Remember you are free to go to your lender to make a claim at any point.

The 3 Step Process

Completing our Free Check application is really easy.  If you have any difficulty or would prefer to talk to us, please call on 01604 420068.


Step 1 (Your Contact Details)

Enter your contact details, this way, if we find PPI we can call you to let you know. We also need to know your address so we can send you the forms. The bank will also need this information to find you on their system.


Step 2 (Your Free Check)

Tell us who you would like to submit a Free Check against. We will then go to the lender and request they look into your history to find out if you have had PPI.

The Free Check application should take you no more than 5 minutes and once submitted, can take around 50 days before we receive confirmation from the lender. Once we have the answer we will contact you and let you know.

You do not need to do anything else.


Step 3  – You receive the paperwork to sign

Once you have completed the above steps you need to confirm that the address you have entered is the correct address and then choose how you would like to receive your pack. You can either download them or request that we send them to you.

Please Note: We endeavour to send the forms out to you the same day but cannot guarantee that you will get them the next day. If you do not receive them within 5 working days, call us on 01604 420068 and we will resend them to you.